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With one account, you can earn credits tutoring or use credits to learn a language. Tutors on TheTalkList love to use their conversational and social networking skills in our dynamic new language tutoring platform. If you have a background in ESL, English, Education, Communications, or International Studies, you are an ideal Talk-ist candidate. However these types of degrees are not required as other professional backgrounds also offer value to students. So sign up!

It's Flexible
  • Set your rate/schedule
  • Teach from anywhere
It Gives You Experience
  • International education
  • Build your resume
It's Cutting Edge
  • Private 1-to-1 Vee-session
  • Social networking tools
  • Learning widgets

It's the COOLEST part time job ever!

Becoming a Tutor

TheTalkList always has an open enrollment. If you have the right interpersonal skills, then become a PEAK (Prepared, Enthusiastic, Articulate, Kind) tutor. Register and take the optional e-Training to improve your tutor standing.

Meet Requirements
  • High speed internet
  • Webcam/Mic
Take e-Training
  • Learn conversation tutoring
  • Learn to use our platform
Enjoy TheTalkList Experience
  • Develop a global reach
  • Start making money

Tutor Levels

Your free registration gets you a standard account (Bronze). You can upgrade your status by taking our e-Learning test (Silver) or by submitting an education or teaching certification (Gold).

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Make Money

As a tutor on TheTalkList, you are paid the rate you ask for. We add our own administration fee on top of your rate. Three days after each tutoring session, you will see account credits which you can use for your own language learning or cashout to your Paypal/Alipay account. You become popular when you offer excellent service to students, get good ratings, and are visibly active on TheTalkList.

Rose is a typical tutor on TheTalkList. She is an education major in her junior year. She earns $260/month by doing six 25min sessions per week with additional recurring revenue from 3 video lessons.

Earn a tutoring income

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Market Yourself

TheTalkList platform allows you a variety of ways to market yourself. It starts with making a profile that's clear and compelling. Students from all over the world are looking for tutors to be available for their local timezones. So having wider availability will make you more popular. And since tutoring is a personal activity, feel free to show your personality within our e-Learning social network.

Build Your Profile
  • Bright front-facing photo
  • Interesting biography
  • 15 second video greeting
Be Available
  • Open a recurring calendar
  • Accept free sessions
  • Enable On Demand status
  • Use Live Chat
  • Use BeepBox messaging
  • Engage in our social network pages