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TheTalkList provides global students the most diverse choice of tutors and the latest online tools at a flexible cost and schedule to improve their English conversation skills. We foster global social relationships through an engaging and fun approach to self-improvement of our language learning members, called Talkists, while taking conversational skills to the next level.

TheTalkList is a U.S. company based in San Diego, California. We have an international sales and support team that consists of individuals from many different countries.  To inquire about partnership opportunities where TheTalkList platform could be used for your industry, send a message to [email protected]

Our multicultural background makes us sensitive to our worldwide membership and it makes our workplace fun and interesting. The following are our Talkist leaders who provide the vision to our platform.


Executive Team

Andres Abeyta, CEO & Founder USA

“TheTalkList is the first learning platform that makes me feel connected to our e-learners. For me, the language learning market is very attractive as it is multicultural and global. And a social networking platform in this area is full of virtues. I think that remote dialogs and relationships between international learners and American tutors will be profound.”

Andres is the CEO of TheTalklist. For the last 16 years he has been the CEO of a San Diego based company and prior to that he was a public school teacher at all age levels including adult software education He has a Master’s degree in Education. His passion is to connect people together from around the world.


  Tom Goodwin, Chief Marketing OfficerUSA

“I came to TheTalkList because we focus on what is important –improving conversational language skills and powerful connection. Having lived abroad for many years, I have seen misperception and cultural insensitivity create difficult situations. TheTalkList conversation allows for knowledge and cultural exchange to increase understanding and sensitivity.”

Tom is a versatile professional with more than 20 years of international experience and expertise in senior level general management, business development and marketing having lived and worked on three continents. He has an MBA, a Physics degree and a passion for finding for new ways of addressing problems.


  Mark Sandson, Advisor on Board of Directors USA

"The promise of the TheTalkList is exceptional:the service improves the lives of others, bridges cultures, increases appreciation for other societies, and creates the potential of a gratifying achievement for Company employees and stakeholders. TheTalkList could become one of the great business stories of the 21st Century. It's a pleasure to help Andres and his founding employees strive to achieve their worthy goal."

Mr. Sandson is a strategic advisor and financial intermediary, assisting middle market technology services businesses. His experience includes executive roles for both public and private companies in roles ranging from general manager/operating executive;director of programs, operations, and marketing;and chief financial officer. He has served as member of the board of directors of seven firms and president, CEO, and chairman of own advisory business. He has represented selling companies and firms seeking investment in many transactions.

  Dr. George Boggs, National Community College Advisor   USA

"The TalkList uses today’s new technology to connect people on a personal level. Those who wish to learn how to speak a new language or to improve their speaking ability can talk one-to-one, synchronously, with a native speaker who may live in a country anywhere in the world. The potential to learn both spoken language and culture cannot be matched by anything else that I have seen."

George is President and CEO Emeritus of the American Association of Community Colleges and Superintendent/President Emeritus of Palomar College in California. He continues to be an active consultant, author, speaker, and professor, teaching in community college doctoral programs at San Diego State University and National American University.


Mark Liu, Asia Advisor China

 “I am most impressed by TheTalkList’s potential to help English language learners become better conversationalists and help bridge the cultural gap. This resonates with me because I am a first-generation immigrant. An efficient e-Learning tool such as TheTalkList would have made my transition from China much smoother.

Mark is a corporate and transactional attorney specializing in capital markets, M&A, private equity and venture capital financings. He has over ten years of experience advising clients in both the U.S. and Asia, and has helped take companies public on the NYSE, Nasdaq and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.


Marketing Team

  Nathalia Simoes, VP Brazil Marketing Brazil

"TheTalkList gives you the opportunity to share knowledge and culture by connecting people all over to word. Acquiring more knowledge and sharing it allows us to expand as a human being and have a more gratifying life."

Nathália came to school in New York from Brazil. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Communication with emphasis in Public Relations from São Paulo University. Her passions are traveling, movies, and getting to know different cultures.



  Tanya Beszeditz, Tutor Coordinator USA

“I love working for the Talk List because it enables me to connect with people from all over the world. It allows me to communicate easily and effectively, and make it a fun experience for both the tutors and the students.  I feel like I can challenge myself creatively through spoken language. "

Tanya Beszeditz is an International Studies graduate from San Diego State University. In addition to her Bachelors degree, she has a Certificate in Spanish from the Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica.Not only has she taught in the US, but her multilingual skills have taken her abroad to Mexico and Costa Rica. Her passion is experiencing the unknown, other cultures, and using language as a tool to bond people together.


  Elizabeth Abeyta, Social Media ManagerUSA

“Having lived in different parts of the U.S., I’ve been exposed to variety of colorful language differences we have. I am very excited about the power of focused web advertising to expose these practical vernaculars to specific international communities. It’s the best prep for travel to the U.S. . "

Liz has a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and a Graphic Arts degree. She has been working in graphic advertising for the last 17 years. Her current focus has been working with Web analytics and targeted social media advertising.



  Daniel Caramori, VP International Interns Brazil

“For me, TheTalkList is a powerful tool that encourages everyone to teach and learn in a really deep and engaging interaction. TheTalkList brings people from all over the world together to share their knowledge and launch towards their ambitions. We are generating genuine and spontaneous interactions, from real people to real people.  "

Daniel has a BA in Business and has worked developing schools for Portuguese as a Second Language. He was the National Director of Talent Management and Operations in AIESEC Russia and Brazil offices, where he managed the internships of over 5,000 college students.


  Kaili Yu, China MarketingChina

“its exciting to work with TheTalkList which has its unique company culture not only fostering the awareness of working collectively, sharing each other every staff’s own thought and creating a relaxing ambience, but also delivering its cultural value-facilitating intercultural communication via online teaching session-to people around the world!.  "

Kaili graduated from Shanghai Ocean University with a bachelor’s degree of Business Management, and is pursuing an MBA degree in San Diego University now. He had one year’s teaching experience of IELTS in China and also represented St. Thomas More School as a translator and liaison, in TABS (The Association of Boarding Schools) Shanghai.


  Ting Chou, Taiwan MarketingTaiwan

"Working for TheTalkList is amazing and I really enjoy my job! This is a great platform that everyone should use to naturally improve English or other languages. If you have no native speakers beside you, TheTalkList is your best choice."

Ting is a MBA candidate who got her BA degree in undergraduate in Taiwan. She joined TheTalkList because she believes that TheTalkList really can help Taiwanese to improve their English speaking before arriving USA to pursue their higher education.


  Sunhye Lee, Korean MarketingKorea

"Language learning is not only for communication, but plays an important role in building relationships and understanding cultural differences. As an international student in the U.S, I found that the best way to learn language is to talk to native speakers. Thus, I think TheTalkList is the easiest and efficient way to establish relationships with native speakers."

Sunhye is currently studying economics at University of California, San Diego. She loves learning new languages, so she is studying Japanese and Chinese.


  Rachel Yang, Korean MarketingKorea

"The friendly and passionate staff and environment at work has made me love my job experience at TheTalkList. We provide an interactive face to face platform for those who want to improve and practice their English and other languages without the intimidation."

Rachel is a communications and business student at University of California, San Diego. She joined TheTalkList because her experience of coming to the states allowed her to understand the many hardships that others face when wanting to improve on their English skills and believes that TheTalkList could guide them to a fun and helpful path to improve and practice any language.


  Grecia Ortiz, Latin America MarketingUSA

“TheTalklist allows me connect with people around the world, as well as aiding them with their English. Not only am I helping others, but I am expanding my knowledge towards a more global aspect in life and culture. "

Grecia is working towards receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at SDSU. She has been to Europe and China, and hopes to travel even more. Traveling has always been one of her dreams and hopes to travel to as many countries as she can.


  Hsuan-Yu Tai, Taiwan MarketingTaiwan

“I love working at TheTalkList because it is a place full of passion and dreams. Language should be a bridge rather than a barrier to the world. Unlike traditional language learning platforms, TheTalkList provides a relaxing and social learning environment. As a marketing intern, I am excited to share this amazing platform to more people. "

Hsuan-Yu got her business bachelor degree in Taipei. She is currently pursuing MBA in San Diego State University. She loves experiencing different culture and making friends around the world.


  Shuai Lee, China MarketingChina

“Working at TheTalkList, I realize my mission is to help Chinese students connect to the world and overcome the language barrier. In addition, I am very happy to work with passionate people as one team! "

Shuai got his bachelor degree in Beijing. During that time he went to Korea as an exchange student for one year. Then he moved to the United States to pursue his MBA at National University. He loves to study different cultures and languages.


  Ayaka NagasakiJapan

“Working at TheTalkList gives me the chance to know various cultures! I have gone through the tough experience of learning English.

TheTalkList global language learning platform gives me a unique experience to talk with people from different countries and exchange cultural knowledge "

Ayaka got her Bachelor’s degree from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan. Currently, she is pursuing an MBA degree at SDSU. She loves traveling around the world and has been to the U.S., Mexico, Europe, and Australia.


  Daniel Gates, Web Marketing USA

"TheTalkList is a truly unique and amazing platform. Right away, I knew that this idea has the potential to change the world. Only now do I truly appreciate how hard people from all around the world work to speak a different language the way a native speaker does."

Daniel is currently studying Marketing in the Business Administration at San Diego State University. He has experience in Search Engine Marketing with an emphasis on SEO and Internet/Interactive Marketing.


  Lindsey Stancil, Web Marketing USA

“I love the TheTalkList because it allows people to break down the barriers of language. You can make connections with people thousands of miles away, without even moving from your seat. The best way to learn is to jump right in and TheTalkList allows you to do that with real people. It is an experience you can’t get anywhere else!"

Lindsey is currently working towards her BS in Marketing at SDSU. She has worked with many people around the world, and hopes to travel around Europe after college.



Development Team

  Virang Patel, Product Development India

“TheTalkList provides solution to learners wanting to learn different languages. It is the one of the best platforms in the world having talented tutors who share their knowledge. I like being part of a team that helps the people on the international stage.”

Virang has more than 9 years of coding experience large scale platforms. He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Gujarat University, India.



  Dave Van Mouwerik, Product DevelopmentUSA

“For me, TheTalkList represents an effort to bring people together, and to foster relationships and better understanding among people throughout the world. It is technology with a heart and a soul, dedicated to the improvement of our world, and this makes me very pleased to be a part of TheTalkList.”

Dave has a BA in Business and an MBA in Geography, and is a certified Project Management Specialist through the Project Management Institute. Dave has been involved in the field of mapping for much of his career.


  Alex Samarin, Product Development USA

“The simplicity of TheTalkList’s learning model is very appealing to me.  This company brings the power of conversational language-learning to the online marketplace, creating a win-win for tutors and students. It’s a great way for people to leverage and grow their social network while learning a new skill and creating value for one another.”

Alex has a Master's in Geography from San Diego State University, and a Bachelor's in Geography from UC Santa Barbara.  In his free time he enjoys the outdoors, live music, and learning new things.