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Want students to choose your school? It's simple. Encourage interactions with your school community. Our online 1 to 1 interactions promote social relationships through tutoring and mentoring using an easy-access platform.
Our open education platform attracts, prepares, and retains students. For international students, we offer the chance to practice English fluency or acculturation. For domestic students, our interactions offer an inside look into campus life from current students or professional advice from alumni.
You can recruit a variety of tutor ambassadors into your collaborative economy school group. They may be domestic students, international students, teachers, or alumni. From your school's perspective: no employees, no overhead, just easy access to your community.
Bring the most flexible learning environment to your school community. Think about it. Why choose a school where you've never spoken to an existing student? People would rather attend a school where they've had questions answered by peers and are eager to meet their new friends.