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TheTalkList Language School Program is offered to schools so that they can expand their curriculums to an online delivery. Schools can setup and manage their own community of tutors and students. It’s a wonderful opportunity to embrace the newest technology and bring the most flexible learning environment to your student clientele.

Managed Online Learning
  • Auto tracking, calendaring, and payments
  • Completed session statements
Enhanced Learning Experience
  • Additional practice for proficiency
  • Easy to access/use
  • Modern learning viewer
Increased Income for Schools and Tutors
  • Student royalty
  • Tutor royalty
  • Easy PayPal setup

Create a Community

Start growing a community that knows how they can conveniently access your language program beyond the school walls. Without the bounds of time and travel, students will continue to learn with you even if they return to their home country, get busy with other hobbies, or are needing practice during vacation breaks.

Enroll your School
  • Create an account
  • Encourage your tutors/students to sign up
Build your Community
  • Add tutors to your account
  • Set mark-up for curriculum use
Promote your Community
  • Post your community link on your website and social media pages
  • Send your community link to your email list
  • Invite TheTalkList global students into your community

Make Money

School gets a royalty every time:

  1. Your tutor uses your curriculum
  2. Your students book a session with any tutor

Potential Incremental Monthly Income:$605