How it Works

How TheTalkList Works

Length - 3min 31sec

Description: 3 minute video describing the student and tutor audience and how they engage one another within our social e-learning platform. View on youtube.

TheTalkList Short

Length - 15sec

Description: 15 second advertisement about our site. View on youtube.

TheTalkList: Preparing to be a tutor

Length - 9min 22sec

Description: 9 minute video that gives you tips on how to use our system, meet the needs of students, and receive high feedback ratings. View on youtube.

Marketing yourself as a tutor

Length - 4min 0sec

Description: This video will show you how to gain more exposure so you can have a full calendar of sessions.

Using the Vee-session

Length - 0sec

Description: This video will show you the video classroom environment that employs learning widgets to enhance the conversation.

How a Student can Book a Tutor

Length - 0sec

Description: This video will walk a student through the booking process.

How a Tutor can setup an open calendar

Length - 0sec

Description: This video will walk a tutor through the process of opening sessions within their calendar.

TheTalkList Learning Method

Description: This paper describes research backed evidence on how our method works.


Tutor Training English Exams

Description: Tutor Resources: All about international student English testing.


TOEIC Speaking Scenarios

Description: Tutor Resources: Sample testing scenarios


New Student Orientation

Description: This is a guide for new students to learn the site workflow. It goes through: tutor search, review profiles, book sessions, Vee-session talk, payment options, and social networking. You will get the quick overview right here.


TheTalkList Learning Method

Description: Orientation for new members.